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The program is available only by subscription. In order to be able to access the program’s suggestions, you must register and activate one of the subscription packages.
There is nothing to download, the program can be accessed from all browsers.
In order to register, you should click on the "Register Now" option in the main navigation menu. After completing the form with the correct information, the registration is completed. You will receive a confirmatory email and by clicking on the link you will find there, you will be redirected to the site. By clicking on the “My Account” section and then on “Payments”, you will be able to select the subscription that suits you and your payment method. Once the subscription has been successfully done, you will have full access to the site and our suggestions
-Real-Time Stats
-Data Analyser
-Gold Live Platform
-Live Games Platform
-Pre Game Platform
-Email Alerts
-7 Public Scanners as a gift
-Create your own Scanners
-Scanner's Statistics
-Bet Manager
Each subscription provides exactly the same capabilities. The only thing that differs between them are the days you will have access to the site and the suggestions. Tip: The more the days of the package, the less each day costs.
When you log in, under your username, you are able to see the days left for your subscription to expire inside a yellow circle. From the section "My Account" you can renew your subscription. After you choose the subscription package of your choice and the payment is made, your subscription is automatically renewed.
It shows how many days are left for your subscription to expire.
Yes, you can. Those days will be added automatically to the existing ones.
• First of all,you must have an active subscription.
• In order for an email to be sent, several algorithms have to be activated. Once the necessary statistics exist, you will automatically be notified by email of the relevant suggestions.
• We have noticed that some email addresses, may receive suggestions with some delay or receive no email at all. For better reception of notifications, we advise you to use Gmail. You can change your current e-mail address by clicking on “My account”. After changing your e-mail address you should click on“Save Changes”.
Live statistics come from an external source. We have tested them in live games and yes they are reliable.
  • The arrows on Live Games Platform appear next to the games where there is High Activity. These games come the top of the screen automatically so that you can pay more attention to the most intresting games of them all. Arrows appear in green, blue and red with red being the most powerful. 
  • Flags appear on Gold Live Platform next to the games in which is likely a next goal/corner. These games come the top of the screen automatically so that you can pay more attention to the most intresting games of them all. Flags appear in green, blue and red.
  • Green: There is a possibility of +1 goal by 75%
  • Blue: There is a possibility of +1 corner by 75%
  • Red: There is a possibility of a quick goal by 70% , in that was you can bet based on the time the goal will be scored.
Our company as a gift with your subscription gives you 7 Public Scanner. These Scanners are ready-made strategies from our company with a high rate of sucess, which notify you as soon as their algorithm is activated and catch the statistics we have used. You can also create your own strategies with the stats of your choice and also get notified by them. For more details on creating you own Scanners, see Help Photos and Help Manual.
G:% represents the success rate of this particular Scanner in General  (all Leagues and Championships), while C:% refers to the success rate of this particular Scanner in the Country for which the notification is about.
Public Scanners continue to record statistics. Your personal Scanners' statisticss stop recording as long as your subscription is inactive. When your subscription is activated again, the recording will continue normally. If you remain inactive for over 2 months, your scanners will be automatically deleted.
The maximun number of Scanner each memeber can have is 30.