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Welcome to the fascinating world of Perfect Live Goal.
 We are not a betting company but the most powerful tool to help you with your betting experience. Bet more quickly, more correctly and make money more surely! All of our suggestions are based on unique statistical algorithms which analyze in detail all the statistics of each game separately. You can see our suggestions both when you are online and even when you are out via email. Can it be simpler?
Choose the subscription of your preference and gain access to the 3 dynamic platforms of our site.
  • Gold Live: Notifications sent by this Platform are more valuable than gold. The program selects and sends proposals that have a high percentage of potential success and even high returns. These notifications appear as long as you're online but are sent to your email at no additional charge so you can bet wherever you are.
  • Live Games: See hundreds of games at any time of the day, analytically with their stats and all at a glance (VERY IMPORTANT the statistics of the last 10 and 5 lbs). This way you can easily "analyze" each game yourself. Our company gives you as a gift 7 ready-made strategies (scanners) to get you started. You will receive alerts from them for the next event of the match, which is always accompanied by the probability of success. You also have the ability to experiment and build your own scanners with the statistics of your choice. Finally, you will receive notifications from them and your email, at no extra charge.
  • Pre Game: Pre Game's recommendations are based on both the statistical algorithms of perfectlivegoal.com and a variety of other factors (eg team history, price drop, etc.). That's why the Pre Game is one of the most successful worldwide.

Our scientific team is constantly working on this unique program to ensure the most accurate and best results for you.

Join us now and live with us this unique experience!